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Welcome to the
Sydney North Presbytery

A new web-site is currently being developed for the new Sydney Central Coast Presbytery.

On 22nd June 2016, the Sydney North Presbytery and the Ku-ring-gai Presbytery were dissolved and the Sydney Central Coast Presbytery was established to strengthen and assist congregations and undertake pastoral and administrative oversight of the congregations within the bounds of the two former Presbyteries.

How this came to be

For many years Sydney North and Ku-ring-gai have shared in ministry retreats, education and training, university chaplaincy and SNaK youth activities, and we share the same UnitingCare Ageing region.

From June of 2015, Ku-ring-gai and Sydney North agreed to explore the merits of a new way of being. A Working Group prepared the way, with Synod approving a Joint Interim Standing Committee. We employed a Project Coordinator, David Hay, and UME and UR contributed the services of a Mission Consultant, Suzanne Stanton, to work with the Presbytery on the formation of a new Presbytery.

A combined Presbytery meeting was held this March, and Vision and Values, budgets, mission priorities and staffing are being planned. Meetings have been held in each of the six Zones of the Presbytery to begin to develop ways of working regionally.

Finally, a presentation was made to the Synod meeting in April 2016 - with the resolution:

In accordance with Regulation 3.4.6, to form a new Presbytery effective from 22 June 2016, with all the powers and responsibilities of a Presbytery, and with the following provisions:

a) That the name of the new Presbytery be Sydney Central Coast Presbytery.

b) That the bounds of Sydney Central Coast Presbytery be the combined bounds of the two former Presbyteries.

c) All congregations and Faith Communities that are part of the Ku-ring-gai and Sydney North Presbyteries shall be part of and recognised by the Sydney Central Coast Presbytery.

d) The Sydney Central Coast Presbytery will become the Responsible Body of all property held by Ku-ring-gai or Sydney North.

e) And in accordance with regulation 3.4.7, Synod resolves to dissolve the Ku-ring-gai Presbytery and the Sydney North Presbytery.

This Resolution 43 was received by consensus with acclamation.



This web-site is continuing for an interim period and you can find details of the congregations from the former Sydney North Presbytery.


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